About the Company

Paul Wernicke Sr. was involved in the roofing industry for most of his childhood years and into his adult life.  To him, it only made sense to continue to do what he enjoyed the most…Roofing.  What started out as a simple thought became his American Dream.

“At A Ready Roofing, you are treated like family!”

A Ready Roofing became a dream realized in 1999.  Today, this family owned and operated business is all over the state of Florida doing residential and commercial roofing repairs, and new roof construction.  Operating mainly in the Pasco, Hernando, Hillsborough, and Polk counties, A Ready Roofing has made emergency relief trips to counties north and south of their main areas of business to provide quality roofing services to those affected by recent storm activity.

The office is managed by Paul’s daughter, Jennifer Fallin, and in the field is Paul Jr., his son.  This tight-knit team is dedicated to leaving a footprint of professional and quality service as their trademark. A Ready Roofing is state certified as a roofing specialist and can travel to where ever they are needed.

Customers First

Customer Service is something rare these days.  It isn’t until you need something after a job is done when you actually see how much a company cares about the customer experience.  At A Ready Roofing, you are family.  The customer experience is the most important element in any successful business, and this family business knows this.  If you think you may need a roof soon, or if you are looking to have a roof put on now, call us.  We won’t let you down.