Planning Your New Roof

Not many people think about the roof on their home, until there is a problem.  Consider this:  The roof you have now may have been the builder’s choice.  Builders typically go with the cheapest materials possible, and depending on who showed up to do the work, the quality of what became your roof was what came with the home you purchased.  But if it’s time to restore it to new again, wouldn’t you want better for yourself than the cheapest available?

All roofs aren’t the equal.  Sure, the process may be, but the quality of the materials, the knowledge and experience level of the company owner and the crew, and their work ethics will reflect in the quality of the workmanship, and your experience working with them. 

Shopping for the Best Price?

Price shopping for milk is a good idea.  Price shopping for a roof, not such a good idea.  Your roof is an investment in the single largest investment on can make in a lifetime…your home.  You get what you pay for in life.  A roof is not an exception to this rule. 

If a roofer says he will match anyone’s price…RUN.  To stay in business, one has to know what their operating costs are, and how to manage their business efficiently enough to make a profit on every job.  When someone says they will match someone else’s price, they are desperate for work.  Quality roofing specialists are high in demand and don’t sell their time at a discount just for the work. 

You Deserve Better

There is nothing more valuable than the quality of life.  This is why we all go to work every day.  Planning something like a roof replacement is always a good idea, but not many people plan for it until they see water inside the home.  Leaks from your roof could lead to other problems that will compound the cost for repairs.  Mold is another issue that can spread throughout your home as a result of a roof leak.  Mold is also a health hazard and requires specialized knowledge and equipment to remedy. 

This is your home.  Your family lives in it with you.  You deserve the best.  Wouldn’t you want the best for them?   

Do It Now

If your roof is more than 10 years old, call us.  Have your roof inspected and let’s discuss your options.  You may still have time, but it’s better to know what you have than to let nature tell you.  We know roofing.  It is something we are very good at, and it’s been our passion from the first day to this moment.