Roof Is Done, Now The Cleanup

A new roof is one of the best investments you can make for your home.  If the quality of the workmanship is present in the roof, then you should also expect the same in the cleanup afterwards. 

Roofing debris is not kind by any stretch of the imagination.  It includes the roofing surface, tile or shingle, pieces of drip edge, wood, flashing, facia, and let’s not forget the nails!  Ah…the nails.  A quality job starts from the moment the crew steps foot on the jobsite. 

We use tarps and other screening materials to mask off the debris field before we start the removal process.  Although nearly all of the debris that doesn’t make it directly into our debris container is caught by the screening, there still may be some nails that go rouge. 

Roofing nails aren’t fun to step on.  Neither is tar.  A good cleanup will eliminate both very well.  Human error is always going to be present under any circumstance.  We are all human.  However, if the proper care and prevention methods are in place, you are less likely to step on a nail or track tar into your home.

Leaving your home free of trash and debris after any construction job is when the job is actually complete.  At A Ready Roofing, we take pride in the end product.  A huge part of that is the cleanup.