How Can Leaves Damage Your Roof

Can leaves damage your roof? Absolutely. if you don’t do anything about gathering leaves on your roof, you will see a needed repair in the future. Here in Florida, we have plenty of trees for shade.  Although the trees do help keep some of the excess heat off your roof, this also has a down side that you should be aware of.  Trees shed their leaves mostly during the cooler months, but they can also do this year-round.  Allowing clumps of leaves to collect on your roof will diminish the life of your roof and repairs will be imminent.

Understanding the Conditions

Along with the heat, we also experience high levels of humidity.  During the rain season in Florida, rain showers every day are not unusual.  When leaves are not removed, the moisture will bond them together in clumps as they begin to rot on your roof.  These areas of rotting leaves allow moisture into your shingles and can cause rotting under the shingles. 

Prevention of Roof Repairs

There are some things you can do to avoid expensive repairs or even worse.  Prevention will save you the most money by prolonging the life of your roof.  Inspect your roof regularly and keep it and your gutters clean.  Also, learn why it’s important to keep your trees healthy and trimmed.

The Science Behind Trees

First, if you have trees overhanging your roof, keep them trimmed and center pruned.  Trees need a certain percentage of leaves on them to survive.  Shedding leaves happens in cycles.  As the tree goes into dormancy, the unneeded leaves are shed to lower the need for nurturance during that period.  If the tree has little to shed, then it won’t shed as much.  You also want to keep limbs elevated off of your roof.  Limbs that touch the roof surface will move with the wind, and that movement is abrasive on your shingles.  Keeping the limbs elevated will lessen the wear on them. 

In Conclusion

Leaf damage is not something that can’t be prevented.  Everything needs proper care and maintenance in order to last.  Your roof isn’t an exception to this rule.  To avoid unnecessary repairs, inspect the roof of your home periodically.  If you have trees covering your home, keep the leaves from doing damage to your roof.