Storms and Your Roof

Over the next several months, we here in Florida could see another powerful storm or two. These tropical storms can still bring powerful wind gusts that can have an affect on your roof.
Certain parts of your roof could experience more damage than others during a wind storm. For example, the edges of the roof, corners, and ridge line are more vulnerable than the surface.
Roof shingles are also prone to high-speed wind damage. Wind can get under a small area of the shingle and curl it or even tear it off. Over the next several years that area becomes a weak point
Lifting can also occur. This is when winds coming over the roof create a suction effect and “lift” the shingles upwards, loosening the nails that hold them in place. This usually results in a leak because the seal between the layers are now broken.

• A good reason to pick up lawn furniture and other loose items before a storm is to keep it from becoming flying debris. This will cause more damage to your roof than just the wind alone.

• If you have large trees or limbs laying on your roof, you may want to get that remedied. Tree branches can rub off the granules from the roof shingles and prematurely wear them out. Keeping the trees cut back will save your roof free from unnecessary damage.

• Keep your gutters free of leaves so they can work properly.

• Keep your roof free of piling leaves and other debris. Rotting debris on your roof will hold moisture and cause other problems later…problems that will require repairs.
Keeping your roof in its best condition requires some basic things. A roof is like anything else, it has a lifespan that can be increased or shortened by how well you look after it. Roofing is what we do. Contact us today if you have any questions.